Descriptive Analysis of Cybersecurity Awareness Among Smartphone Users in Higher Education


  • Enxhia Sala Department of Statistics and Applied Informatics, Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania



Cybersecurity awareness, smartphone users, higher education, Information Security education


In an era defined by technology evolution, cybersecurity awareness has emerged as a critical concern for smartphone users, especially within academic environments. This paper investigates the results of the survey "Assessing Cybersecurity Awareness Among Smartphone Users" conducted among students in Albanian Higher Education Institutions. The study evaluates dimensions such as Security Behavior, Security Intention, Influence of People and Media, Perceived Usefulness, and Perceived Ease of Use. Demographic analysis encompasses variables like age, gender, educational level, employment status, IT background, and smartphone operating system, providing vital context for understanding cybersecurity awareness. Using Likert-scale responses and established methodologies, the research identifies significant differences in cybersecurity practices between students with and without formal education in Information Security. It emphasizes the pivotal role of education in promoting informed cybersecurity behaviors and calls for targeted educational strategies to bolster digital resilience.


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Sala, E. (2024). Descriptive Analysis of Cybersecurity Awareness Among Smartphone Users in Higher Education. Journal of Transactions in Systems Engineering, 2(2), 222–234.